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anti-USA wimbledon...somewhat

OK there is something that was bothering me when i watched the S. Williams VS J Craybas match. First round was USA VS USA then USA VS ITA then USA VS USA and now USA VS USA. if you can't understand this what i am trying to say is that automatically 3 american women are gone. It was like a crash course to get rid of all the american women as fast as possible. Maybe this happens every year but i have never noticed it before.

I am happy andy won. Sad Murray lost. Happy Hewit won. Sad Serena lost. Happy Venus won. And not liking Federer winning cuz i don't like him much but happy he at least dropped a set. (I respect him as a player but don't like him much. = Federer

Thankfully we have been able to avoid massive amounts of rain unlike last year.
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