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4th July 2006

tennispro268910:42pm: seeding battle of the sexes
am i the only one who noticed that the women's semi's have teh 1-2-3-4 seeds but the mens quarters have 1-7-14-X-6-18-22-2. does anyone else notice how much men's seeding gets like blown away. the 3rd seed (roddick) lost in the third round along with 4th seed(nalbandian). how is it that the women's seeds are dead on but the men's seeds are only anchored by the top 2 and everyone else is a total toss up?

21st June 2006

_pyromatic8:16pm: Trying to liven things up a bit
The men's and women's seeds have been announced!

Men's SeedsCollapse )

Women's seedsCollapse )

Qualies have already started and the draw will be out by Friday.

So, any predictions? Hopes? :)

10th September 2005

_youdid12:29pm: Where do you all talk about the US open?

5th July 2005

mrscaptainoats9:03pm: Question
Hi, everyone (assuming that all have not abandoned the community at the end of the tournament)!

I was wondering if anyone (maybe someone who taped it or has amazing memory) knows the order of points in the last game of the Men's Final?

To make myself more clear, say, a game was scored at 15-40. I would consider the "order" being, hypothetically, 15-0, 15-15, 15-30, 15-40, game.

Thanks in advance!

28th June 2005

lottie_doyle10:16pm: So, Lopez vs Hewitt tomorrow.... very interesting match,one that i'm looking forward to. anyone got any thoughts? i have a feeling that Hewitt will win but i'm gonna be rooting for Lopez... and, no, i don't fancy him... LOL!

27th June 2005

iceyfresh9:21am: Among today's casualitiesCollapse )
tennispro268910:02am: I HATE THIS SPLIT COVERAGE!

NBC starts these matches so late that i don't see them live and i can "watch" the match on-line but i cant really see it. Why cant they just show the live matches and not the ones that are already over with. I mean if you are reading this then you have internet and can just long on the "Wimbledon Central" thing and just check the matches that have already ended.

Just wanted to vent a bit. Sorry if i annoyed anyone.
Current Mood: aggravated

26th June 2005


Interesting article taken from the online edition of the Independent.

Ferrero the dangerous floater no longer in a sea of mediocrityCollapse )

25th June 2005

iceyfresh6:52pm: Obligatory Mod Post
I have finally made rules for this community. Check them out here.

No more spoilers without LJ cuts. :D
tennispro26896:36pm: anti-USA wimbledon...somewhat
OK there is something that was bothering me when i watched the S. Williams VS J Craybas match. First round was USA VS USA then USA VS ITA then USA VS USA and now USA VS USA. if you can't understand this what i am trying to say is that automatically 3 american women are gone. It was like a crash course to get rid of all the american women as fast as possible. Maybe this happens every year but i have never noticed it before.

match resultsCollapse )

Thankfully we have been able to avoid massive amounts of rain unlike last year.
Current Mood: happy
_youdid11:46pm: Another newbie......
Hi everbody!

So let me first introduce to you....
Well I'm Judith, 17 years old and live in the Netherlands.
The reason why I'm joining this community is I love watching tennis and then having a review about it (after seeying a match)
As you can see my english is not that very good. So if you see mistakes or you don't understand me, just tell me.

Anyway too bad Murray has lost from Nalbandian. It's not that I don't like Nalbandian. But I support ''outsiders'' players more. So I guess we've got another fresh "new young talent" besides Gasquet.
Current Mood: calm

24th June 2005

schell5259:12am: Wimbly
Even if Gimmelstob loses to Hewitt, i've been very impressed with him at this tournament.
sideshowmatt2:22am: Wimbledon Train Information
Hello there y'all! Now I'm not a big fan of the tennis, but I am a generally helpful soul, and as I work for the train company that runs most of the mainline services through Wimbledon station I thought I would post some information for anyone travelling to Wimbledon on the train (particularly from the South coast area) over the next few days....

Wimbledon Tennis Championship - Train InformationCollapse )
lottie_doyle1:24am: JC Ferrero playing tomorrow and I’m VERY nervous about it cos he’s playing on Court 2- the “Graveyard of the Seeds”. It could go either way- but i hope he wins, not only because he's a beautiful player but also because i want to see him pla Federer in the 4th round.... i'd pay a lot of money to see that match live.... any thoughts?

22nd June 2005

iceyfresh6:40pm: Discuss 3 & 4
Which is the bigger shocker? The ousting of Henin-Hardenne or Angela Haynes making Serena struggle?

Is Sharapova overrated and does she get a "free ride" because of her looks? (This is referring to her advertisments, sponsorships, media attention, etc. not on the court)

20th June 2005

savfan1042:06pm: Quote!
Quote from a Safin interview, as taken from the maratsafin community:

Q. How hard is it to break a racquet on grass?

MARAT SAFIN: You break the court faster than you break the racquet, that's for sure."
iceyfresh12:05pm: Discuss 2:
How well do you think the British favorite, Tim Henman, who has never advanced past the semi-finals, will compete this year?
iceyfresh11:00am: Who do you think will win?
Federer vs. Roddick
Roddick vs. Hewitt
Hewitt vs. Ancic
Gasquet vs. Ancic
Gasquet vs. Hewitt
Roddick vs. Ancic
Federer vs. Gasquet
Federer vs. Hewitt
Ferrero vs. Gasquet
Ferrero vs. Ancic

BOLD the ones you think would dominate given those matches. (This is purely speculation)
iceyfresh10:35am: Discuss
Do you think Federer will match Sampras' record of 7 Wimbledon titles?
iceyfresh12:31am: Champs Just Wanna Have Fun from http://wimbledon.org
Sunday, 19 June, 2005

Maria Sharapova will deploy a dazzling new weapon in her defence of the Ladies' Singles title at this year's Wimbledon Championships - tennis shoes encrusted with 18 carat gold specks. "It shines unbelievably. Hopefully it will distract my opponents a little bit," she joked at the traditional Champions' pre-tournament press conference...

More...Collapse )
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