LL. (lottie_doyle) wrote in wimbledondaily,

So, Lopez vs Hewitt tomorrow.... very interesting match,one that i'm looking forward to. anyone got any thoughts? i have a feeling that Hewitt will win but i'm gonna be rooting for Lopez... and, no, i don't fancy him... LOL!
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I'm rooting for Lopez on this one. I think he can definitely go for an upset.
it'd be great to have an upset like that. and, also, it would teach all those clay court players who boycott Wimbledon a lesson- if Lopez can do it, they have no excuses... and they should stop whining!
Lopez has had the single most difficult serve to break so far. That's one of the reasons I'm hesitating to pick Hewitt over Lopez. By all standards, Hewitt should win, but he can only do that if he finds a way to break Lopez's serve.
bu hewitt has one of the best returns in the game... if anyone's gonna do it, it'd probably be him.... i think it could go either way but i just reckon that Hewitt is more used to the occassion than Lopez, which might be the decider... looking forward to it though :)
Wimbledon loves them darkhorses and underdogs tho.
I'm not a fan of either players but i would prefer to see Lopez win it. I'm rooting for an upset.

I hope its a good match.
ill be cheering for lopez. da only spaniard left, so ill be cheering for him. im not fond of hewitt.
ooh i love your icon.... :)
While I will root for Lopez I say Hewitt will win the 1st. Lopez the 2nd and Hewitt the 3rd and 4th. That is just what i say.
Lopez has to win from Hewitt!
For the first time i've noticed Lopez is a lefthand player.
I don't know but I've got a thing for lefthandplayers :S